Press Release

In the 90s, we were cool kids. Well, maybe not that cool. So 30-ish years later, we’re trying again!

In the 90s, we would be devastated if our GameBoy’s batteries would run out before getting to Old Orchard, devastated if we couldn’t get rid of our bike’s training wheels before Jérémie, our oblivious crush, laughs at us, and absolutely dejected if we couldn’t convince Mom and Pop to rent the MceeDee’s birthday room for our 8th birthday.

In the 90s, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, and we answered with conviction that we would be dentists, breakfast cooks, paleontologists, and pastry-princesses.

In the 90s, we were kids. Maybe we weren’t cool, but we were typical 90s kids: we loved our tamagotchis, we blew chewing gum, and we scraped our knees with our rollerblades on too loose.

But today, we’re designers, programmers, marketing consultants, and we have our own little t-shirt shop. We swaped the tamagotchi for the iphone and we fall more often in love than we fall on the pavement of our parent’s driveways.

Easy Lover Club is releasing the 90s-inspired Cool Kids collection. The new retro tees will be exclusively available at on the 9th of July. As per its modus operandi, the brand’s graphic design mixes pop-culture references with the ups and downs of lovers’ relationships.

In honour of our Tommys, Champions, Fila & Kappas that guided and still do guide our wardrobes, the collection falls into the red, white, sky-blue and black of the 90s.

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